School Profile

Cascade Primary School is located in a small farming town, 100km north-west of Esperance and 677km south-east of Perth.


Our current enrolement is 31 students across 3 classes:

Junior - Kindy to year 1,

Middle - year 2 & 3

Senior - year 4 to 6


On Fridays, the school combines with the nearby school of Munglinup (located over 30kms south) to enage in science activities and to increase sense of wellbeing. 


Currently, there are 3 seperate school bus routes allocated for the school. 


4th June 1974

Cascade Primary School was formed today with classes being held in the shire house in Beltana Road. Mrs Bowden, a tempory teacher conducted the classes for the first 3 weeks. The school opened with nine children. Mrs Taylor of Munglinup then relieved untill the appointment of a permanent headmaster could be made. 


9th July 1974

Classes were held in the newly completed school located in Cascade Road 8 miles distant from the shire house. The school was made up of a series of Transportable buildings. 


After efforts by the local community, the government opted to build a new permanent structure to facilitate 100 children. 


5th May 1981

The old school was vacated and the new school occupied.


17th July 1981

Official opening of the Cascade Replacement School.



Cascade Primary school will be celebrating 50 years!


Cascade takes it's name from a creek which is in the area and was discovered by Mr A. W. Canning, a surveyor who was working there around 1898.