Beliefs and Values

Our Beliefs



Children learn best:


  • In an environment in which relationships are built on trust and respect;
  • When an individuals health and well being is the foundation for learning;
  • When the teaching and learning processes and strategies promote life long   learners;
  • When flexible learning opportunities are provided; and
  • When parents are actively involved.




We believe students require opportunities to develop:


  • Interpersonal communication;
  • Cooperative learning;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Problem solving; and
  • ICT skills.



Our Values





A positive approach to learning that is encouraged in others





High expectations of students and staff which results in the high standards of social and academic achievement





Recognition of the differing circumstances and needs of all


students and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes





Treatment of all individuals with care – relationships based upon trust mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility.