The Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association represents the community at our school and aids the school in providing the best possible education for our students.


Participation by parents in P&C activities creates a better understanding of the school’s unique circumstances and allows all parents to work together for the benefit of the children.


The Cascade P&C Association holds meetings as necessary in the school library. These meetings are advertised in the school newsletter and by email.


The P&C plays an active part in fundraising to support school excursions, camps and school improvement. Your time and input into meetings can only make the school more responsive to our school community needs and expectations.



Cascade P&C President:

Monique Christie - 0430 131 091


Cascade P&C Secretary:

Ashleigh Welke - 0415 790 852


Cascade P&C Treasurer:

Christine Roberts - 0429 998 940