School Council

The School Council's fundamental purpose is to allow parents and members of the community to be involved in:

  • Establishing and reviewing the school’s vision and priorities.;
  • Endorsing financial planning and review of priority areas;
  • Establishing and implementing policy directions;
  • Approving charges, contributions and fees, etc;
  • Providing advice on dress code and religious education, etc; and
  • Promoting the school in the community.


Participation in the School Council, with its vital role in decision making and policies of Cascade Primary School, enables parents and community members to gain insight into how their school is managed and also allows for parental input, so that the best interests of the students and the school community are achieved.


Elections will be held where the number of nominees is greater than the vacancies available.


Holding a position on the School Council can be very rewarding and has the capacity to provide insight into the education system.